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Narook's Noodles

Students were assigned to create a brand of any product and design a line of packages that included multiple box shapes and brand identity. Process included, product research, audience specification, brand brainstorming, mood boards, sketches, multiple design intentions, die-lines, and digital mockups.

Final Packages


Narook’s Noodles is a flavorful burst of instant noodles that are healthy and delicious. Different from your typical instant noodle brand, Narook’s Noodles is an affordable premium plant based ramen noodle line made from moringa.These green-coloured noodles are crisp and appetizing that comprise good quality herbs and spices, which give them their flavor. Narook’s Noodles also offers different variations of how a “chef” can prepare their ramen ;)


Introducing Narook's Noodle Creations: A Burst of Flavor and Tradition! Embark on a culinary journey with Narook's Noodle Collection, where each product is a filled with taste, tradition, and innovation.


Instant Noodle Cup, Bowl, & Pouch: Immerse yourself in a world of instant bliss with our vibrant and flavorful noodle cups, bowls, and pouch. Pick your experience from indulging our Original Blend, to the fiery dance of Spicy Burst, or the comforting embrace of Veggie Bliss, every slurp is a celebration of taste.


Narook's Noodle Chopsticks: Unleash your inner chef with Narook's Noodle Chopsticks - Ecostix. Crafted for the noodle connoisseur, these bamboo wonders add an extra layer of authenticity to your dining experience. Up your noodle game with Narook's Noodle Collection - where every product is a testament to the perfect fusion of tradition, creativity, and the joy of a flavorful journey.











Moodboard: After research and creating a creative brief. A moodboard was curated to capture the feeling of the brand.

Sketches: Initial sketches were drafted for visualization of packages and personality of brand.

Logo &  mascot: Initial sketches were drafted for visualization of packages and personality of brand.

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