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Inclusive Impressions

For my senior thesis I've created a teaching resource for elementary classrooms that promotes inclusivity and diversity through poster designs that correlate to lesson plans and activities. This project encapsulates the entirety of my last fall and spring semester at UMN: Fall semester consisted of research and writing the thesis, while during spring semester I had the opportunity to expand it by physically producing an exhibition.

Final Exhibition

Mission Statement: 

Inclusive Impressions is all about making every child feel welcomed and celebrated in their classroom. Through colorful and engaging posters that showcase diverse cultures, kids get to see themselves and their friends represented in their learning space. By creating a classroom environment where everyone feels valued, we're not just teaching lessons; we're shaping inclusive attitudes and building a community where differences are celebrated. Inclusive Impressions is an invitation to embrace diversity and create a classroom where every child feels like they belong.

College of Design Senior Showcase: 

Inclusive Impressions was presented through the College of Design's Senior Showcase, and featured within the senior graphic design class' exhibition, "Last Call" at Rapson Hall.


General information about Inclusive Impressions.

Final Posters

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